Sanjay Shah

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, President and Chief Architect, Vistex, Inc. Vistex is estimated to be valued at US$200 Million.

Has homes in Germany and India and recently bought a a penthouse on 89th floor at the Trump Tower in Chicago, US for $17 Million from Donald Trump.

Sanjay Shah  worked at Accounting and Logistics roles before joining SAP as an Applications Consultant in 1993. At SAP he worked for 6 years as a Platinum Consultant and Logistics Developer and contributed to over 80 SAP projects.


  • B Com from Sydenham collage
  • CA
  • MBA from Lehigh University

Idol: Lee Lacocca, Chairman Chrysler



Kanwal Rekhi


Kanwal Rekhi is a Venture capitalist Angel investor and entrepreneur, currently serving as the managing director at Inventus Capital Partners.


  • Kanwal Rekhi is an Indian-American businessman.
  • He was borned during British-India in 1945 at Rawalpindi (now in Pakistan), after partition they settled in Kanpur, India.
  • Venture Capitalist Angel investor and Entrepreneur. Currently he is serving as M.D. at Inventus Capital Partners.
  • He is credited as the first Indo-American Founder & CEO to take a venture-backed company public on the NASDAQ.


  • He graduated in 1967 as an Electrical Engineer from (IIT) Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (now Mumbai).
  • He acquired his  Master of Science degree from Michigan Technological University.
  • Further he earned his honorary doctorates in both Business and Engineering from the Michigan Technological University.

Industry Profile:

  • Mr. Kanwal is experienced working in many position such as engineer, systems analyst, and manager before venturing in business.
  • In 1982, heco-founded Excelan in San Jose, California at the age of 36 & was named as president in 1985. The company went public in 1987 and merged with Novell in in 1989.
  • Kanwal served as an Executive Vice-President and the Chief Technology Officer of Novell until 1995.

Social and Philanthropy:

  • Kanwal Rekhi co-founded TiE in 1995 The Indus Entrepreneurs, a nonprofit support network to provide advice, contacts, and funding Indian owned startups in Silicon Valley and then spread to other countries including India.
  • He donated $3Million to IIT Mumbai to setup a new School of Information Technology which is now named after him: KReSIT – Kanwal Rekhi School of Information Technology.
  • He also contributed contributed $5 million to Michigan Tech in 2000 to increase the profile of educational institutions in India.