Kanwal Rekhi


Kanwal Rekhi is a Venture capitalist Angel investor and entrepreneur, currently serving as the managing director at Inventus Capital Partners.


  • Kanwal Rekhi is an Indian-American businessman.
  • He was borned during British-India in 1945 at Rawalpindi (now in Pakistan), after partition they settled in Kanpur, India.
  • Venture Capitalist Angel investor and Entrepreneur. Currently he is serving as M.D. at Inventus Capital Partners.
  • He is credited as the first Indo-American Founder & CEO to take a venture-backed company public on the NASDAQ.


  • He graduated in 1967 as an Electrical Engineer from (IIT) Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (now Mumbai).
  • He acquired his  Master of Science degree from Michigan Technological University.
  • Further he earned his honorary doctorates in both Business and Engineering from the Michigan Technological University.

Industry Profile:

  • Mr. Kanwal is experienced working in many position such as engineer, systems analyst, and manager before venturing in business.
  • In 1982, heco-founded Excelan in San Jose, California at the age of 36 & was named as president in 1985. The company went public in 1987 and merged with Novell in in 1989.
  • Kanwal served as an Executive Vice-President and the Chief Technology Officer of Novell until 1995.

Social and Philanthropy:

  • Kanwal Rekhi co-founded TiE in 1995 The Indus Entrepreneurs, a nonprofit support network to provide advice, contacts, and funding Indian owned startups in Silicon Valley and then spread to other countries including India.
  • He donated $3Million to IIT Mumbai to setup a new School of Information Technology which is now named after him: KReSIT – Kanwal Rekhi School of Information Technology.
  • He also contributed contributed $5 million to Michigan Tech in 2000 to increase the profile of educational institutions in India.



Navin Shenoy

Navin Shenoy

He is vice president of the PC Client Group and general manager of the Mobile Client Platform Division at Intel Corporation.

Introduction :

  • Navin Shenoy is associated with Intel since 1995.

Education :

  • Shenoy graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.
  • He attended the Stanford Executive Program.

Industry Profile :

  • Navin Shenoy joined Intel in the year 1995.
  • At first he served different roles in sales & marketing department including: regional solutions manager for Southeast Asia, a Singapore-based role in which he was responsible for end-user, ISV and service provider relationships and Northern California district manager for Intel Online Services where he worked closely with Google.
  • Shenoy was also the technical assistant to Paul Otellini, Intel’s president and CEO for 3 years. In this role he assisted Otellini in the development and implementation of Intel’s long-term corporate strategy and the daily management of Intel’s global business.

LinkedIn Profile :

  • http://www.linkedin.com/pub/navin-shenoy/7a/9/9b6

Twitter Profile :

  • https://twitter.com/NavinShenoy1

Facebook Profile :

  • https://www.facebook.com/navin.shenoy